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Part II: An Oddity on the Moon

Dr. Pinkwood Floyd could not believe his luck. He was going to the moon. The moon! Apparently, they had discovered something really weird up there. They wouldn't tell him what it was, or how he could help them, but he was darned if he would turn down a trip to the moon!

He said goodbye to his pet dolphin and went off to the space port.

"It's the most extraordinary thing I have ever seen," the chief scientist explained as they made their way towards the site. "We were probing for one-stud round bricks when this enormous shape showed up on our monitors. We assumed it was just another big plate - they are very common in this region - but the dimensions of this one were quite unusual."

"Unusual? How?"

"Well, you see, this plate has a surface of ten by seventeen studs - an uneven number! And it's four plates thick. Very unusual for a plate."

"I see, but..."

"I know what you're thinking, Dr. Floyd: could it have formed naturally out of smaller bricks or plates? Well, you don't have to be a geologist to see that the odds of that ever happening are pretty slim.

"So either it's an entirely new type of plate, or someone - or something - has been up here a long time ago and built it." Floyd's mind boggled at the thought.

"You're catching on, Dr. Floyd. But there is more. Shall I go on?"

"By all means do."

"Well, when we excavated the thing, it turned out to be a monolith - it showed no seams anywhere."

"So it's a new type of plate, then?" Floyd was mildly disappointed at this.

"If so, it's the strangest plate I've ever seen. First, it has no studs - we have checked on all sides - so you can't connect it to anything. Second - and this knocked us all off our feet - it is not made out of ABS plastic, or any other known substance!" He turned around and faced Floyd. "We are at a loss for an explanation."

"And you though I might have one?" asked Floyd. "I'll see what I can come up with."

Floyd let his hand slide across the surface. It was smooth, but not like a brick. It felt soft, somehow. What did it remind him of? Flowers were soft, but not like this. It felt rubbery. Like a tire?

The plate puzzled the scientists. It seemed to serve no purpose. None at all. They had tried talking to it, drilling in it, kicking and cursing at it, and probing it with all kinds of instruments, but with no success. It remained a big block of mystery.

"What's this?" Floyd had noticed a small glitch underneath the base of the plate. The other scientists gathered around in amazement. As they watched, the glitch kept growing. The plate was rising - slowly at first, then faster. It stopped and hovered above the crater for a while, and then it sped off into the darkness.

Floyd was the first to speak: "I think it wants us to follow it."

Part III: Hide and Seek

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