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Part IV: Enlightenment

Bowieman had pushed one of the buttons at random. He couldn't remember which one, but he thought it might be the DEL button, for the next moment he was standing on a shiny white plain which seemed to stretch on into infinity. Had he deleted the universe?

Suddenly, the plate popped into existence in front of him. He walked over to it, hoping it might have an UNDO button. But it didn't open this time. He touched it. Nothing happened. The plate had dragged him half way across the solar system, and now it just stood there. What did it want?

"It doesn't want anything. It's just a calculator." said a voice behind him. He turned around quickly and found a giant head staring down at him.

"Yaaarg!" screamed Bowieman.

"I am your creator," said the giant head.

The Creator reached out and picked up Bowieman. "I brought you here to tell you the truth," he said.

"The truth about what?" wondered Bowieman.

"The truth about everything," said the Creator. He paused and cleared his throat. "You are a toy, Bowieman."

"A toy? You're toying with me!"

"Precisely!" said the Creator. "I will explain the rest when we get to the mountains.

Then the Creator stuffed him in his shirt pocket and went for a rather long bus ride.

They stood silently and watched the mountains, the Creator on the ground and Bowieman firmly planted in the Creator's hand. Bowieman's head spun quickly around the stud it was mounted on. The mountains were farther away than anything he had ever seen, and it made him dizzy.

At this point, the alert reader will point out that in section III Bowieman was traveling in outer space, and the stars you can see in outer space are much farther away than even the most distant of all distant mountains, and then some. In response to this, the more alert reader will point out that in fact there were no stars in the pictures in section III.

"Now I understand," said Bowieman finally. "You took me here to give me some perspective. It worked. It is all clear to me now. This is the real world. Mine is just an illusion. Everything and everyone I know is a toy. We minifigs are only alive in your imagination. The mountains made it all snap into place. That's why you took me here, wasn't it?"

"No," said the Creator, "I just though it would make a nice closing shot."


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