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The Wonders of Ancient Egypt

with Dr. Charles Marvin

The Tomb of Ankhnatentaten

This pyramid was uncovered in late 1997. It was built as a tomb for the obscure Pharao Ankhnamananenkanen-tut-alifani-ankhnatentaten who ruled Egypt for twelve and a half minutes back in 1268 B.C. His friends probably called him Ankh.

The door had not been sealed, and was easy to open even after three thousand years. Ankh must be lonely after all those years trapped in there. Let's step inside and pay him a visit.

The lower level of the pyramid is one big labyrinth. Most scolars believe it was built to keep grave robberers from finding the Pharao's treasures. I don't agree. I think Ankh just liked labyrinths. If I ever got to design a place to spend my afterlife, it would definitely have a labyrinth.

If you make it through the labyrinth, you will find yourself here. This is the Pharao's burial chamber, filled with all the things Ankh needs in his afterlife. Ankh was a modest man - all he brought with him was a mirror and two chests full of gold and precious stones. Maybe he was planning to buy everything else when he got there?

And this is Ankh, resting in his sarchophagus. He doesn't seem to be getting enough food these days, and his water must have gone stale, but he is still happy.

This guardian sphinx was uncovered near Ankh's pyramid. It has let everyone pass so far, but I wonder what it will do when they start shipping Ankh and his treasures to the Brisnian Museum.

The Temple of Anubi

Here's a temple devoted to the god Anubi. He would stay here when he was in town. Part of the roof has collapsed at some point, blocking the entrance to the inner rooms. When the rubble is cleared, we will know what Anubi's hotel suite looks like.

Even gods need guardians, it seems. Notice the similarity to Ankh's guardian sphinx.

After a long day of exploration, there is nothing like a bit of rest and some steamy hot Egyptian tea, and an oasis is the place for it. Just watch out for those poisonous ones.

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